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FaceApp Apk Download

If you want to know more about Faceapp? And wants to get Faceapp apk for free. Then, you are in the right place.

I know you were trying to see your future? I mean to say you want to see your future face, how your face will look in the future? Am I right?

If I’m right then you are in right place. Here, you can learn more about it. And also well provide you Faceapp apk version. That can help you to do this.

Hi, Everyone I know you all were looking for FaceApp version for free. If you don’t know what is Faceapp? And how does it works? Then you’ll also learn this. Stay tuned. Don’t forget to leave your lovely feelings and suggestion in the comment section after studying the entire article.

What is Faceapp?

If you were thinking, This is a photo editing application like PixelLab, PicsArt, etc. These apps allow you to edit your image and These apps try to make your photo more clear and beautiful as compared to before.

And These apps only focus on the reproduction of the photo. If you were thinking this, then sorry to say you are completely wrong.

Faceapp is completely opposite to these editing applications. This can turn your photo (selfie) into your younger, older, Middle-aged, photos (selfie). From aside, it shows your future face right now. Using this application you can take a selfie and turn your selfie or image into your future image like younger, older, etc.

FaceApp pro apk

And This app has a free version and a paid version. Here, you can get both versions. This Application is also Officaly available on the play store. This application now trending. And Faceapp is launched by FaceApp Inc.

Faceapp was also recently released on the IOS devices. And you’ll not believe, in starting this application only has 1 million Downloads but at the end of 2019, it seems to become a trending application of 2019.

And FaceApp got 100 million Downloads in a few months. That is a massive number. Now, you can download this application on Google play store and from the App Store of Apple.

How does Faceapp work?

I already told you, the definition of Faceapp. I hope you understood what is that?. Now, the next point is that how does Faceapp work?.

Faceapp uses the latest Artificial Intelligence photo-editing technology to convert your image into a younger, middle-aged and older images that you selected in the application. Using some simple steps you can change your face. When you apply some filters like younger then this application used Artificial Intelligence to convert and modify your image into novel forms that you have chosen in the application.

Let’s take an example to understand it.

For example, if you have chosen the old filter to make yourself old even you are male or a female. Then Faceapp starts applying various advance artificial intelligence operations on your image to modify and change your image into your desire selection. And after your analyzing your image it shows you the results. And the results image seems to be the real appearance of your older age.

FaceApp app filter

In-depth, You will understand that Generally, FaceApp or FaceApp Apk is not an editing application. That can change your photo Quality. Right now, FaceApp is one of the best applications to check your older, younger, middle-aged, mark or female appearance.

Features of Faceapp?

There are 6 main filters or features of Faceapp which are available in the free version of Faceapp. The name of the filters works exactly as there name.

FaceApp Filters name

  • Male
  • Female
  • Young
  • Hot
  • Old
  • Smile

And remember that the has some extra features that we can’t expect from the free version of the Faceapp application. You can download paid version of Faceapp apk.

How to use FaceApp?

One thing that I realize and like in Faceapp is, It’s usage is very easy. It’s not rocket science to use the FaceApp application. You just have to download this application from here or From the paly store. You can download both versions of Faceapp apk or from here by clicking the link below.

Then, you have to install a FaceApp Apk on your smartphone as you install the common application. Then, you have to open this application. Then, Choose an image from your gallery or take a picture from your camera by clicking on the “Take Picture” option on the Faceapp. And When you’ll take the image. Then you can start changing the name form that you desired.

Now, choose the filter that you want. As I Choose an Older filter from the edit bar of Faceapp. Now, I’ll click on apply or start the conversion button. Now, it’ll take only a few seconds. And Will convert your Image into your desired filter.

I like the feature of FaceApp Apk is, it’s conversion time is very easy. And it takes only a few seconds that is too much faster as compared to other applications. I hope now, you understood completely about Faceapp like, what is Faceapp, how Faceapp works? Faceapp features, etc.

FAQs about FaceApp

FaceApp for PC?

No, Face is not available for Pc.

FaceApp for Windows?

Np, FaceApp is also not available on windows.

FaceApp for Desktop

No, This is not also available for Desktop computers.

Is Faceapp secure?

Yes, FaceApp is secure, You should read “Is FaceApp Safe” pharaoh in the article..

FaceApp new filter

FaceApp Hollywood filter, Is new and latest filter of this application. That is becoming popular nowadays.

Is FaceApp Safe?

You already know that the data that takes an application from you. It is his responsibility to secure your data. Same like this, FaceApp can secure your data. but, In FaceApp term and condition. They said that then can your Data (Only Photo) that you are taken by FaceApp camera, Then can us this for any purpose. but, its source.

Now, Let’s talk about it’s downloading how to download the Faceapp version or free version.

FaceApp version features

    • Hollywood Impression Filter.
    • Change Background in one Click.
    • Blur Background in one Click.
    • Smile Applier.
    • Color Filters.
    • Convert Gender.
    • Automatically best hairstyle finder for your face.
    • Age Changer.
    • Best Face Style changer for you.
    • You can add various Tattoos.
    • Best Matches and beard finder for your face.
    • Automatically Tune fixer.
    • etc…

Information for FaceApp

App Name FaceApp
App Size 19MB
Current Version V3.5.10 (Latest)
Last Updated Match 9, 2020
Installs 100,000,000+ (100M+)
Permissions Media, Storage, Camera
Launched by FacerApp Inc
Required Version Up to 5.0 (Android)

FaceApp for free


If you are a social media influencer, this, of course, you have faced the editing application to make your image beautiful. But Faceapp in advance as compared to them. It has advance photo editing artificial intelligence technology to make your photo into your desired version

I hope you like our today’s free application article, in which I told you about FaceApp version apk, and FaceApp download free. If you really enjoyed don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends. Take care, see you soon.