Project IGI Apk + Data & Obb file Latest V1.1 for Android

Do you want to download Project IGI Apk & Obb files for android t run this Game on your android mobile? Then Here you can get Project IGI Game Apk & Obb file.

I know you all were trying to play this game on your android smartphone. You had used many methods to play it on your device. But, still, you re unable to play this game on your android mobile.

Then, Don’t worry today in this video, You’ll learn how to play Project IGI Game on android mobile for free. stay tuned till the end.

Project IGI Game

Project IGI Apk is a part of Project IGI Game Series which is also available on your android mobile. I’m not sure this game is also officially available for android mobile. But I saw a game the same as this “IGI: Military Shooter Game” available on android mobile. but I;m not sure it is the same game. This game is developed by Innerloop Studios.

Many people did not download this game from the play store. Because they face an error called “Your Device is not compatible with this version”. Then, those people can download this app from any third party android store like our website. And can enjoy the same game on their android mobile.

This game has some features which were available on Project IGI PC game and has the same graphics. Now, you can enjoy the same Graphics on your smartphone. This is the V1.1 version of this game which is the latest. Project IGI V1.1 game officially has been released on android mobiles. You can enjoy this work famous game on your android mobile without any problem.

IGI game can only be run on high-end mobile devices. Because it has the same graphics and the same sound as a real war. This game has realistic graphics and looks like real people are fighting in a real war. You can run on mid-range mobile but you’ll get low fps on your midrange mobile.

And It has high and low FPS settings. Which you can set according to your mobile devices and according to your needs. Here, you can download project IGI for android.

When, you’ll click on the Download . you’ll get 1 main file. Which will be compressed by Winrar and you can decompress or extract It via ZArchiver in your mobile. With this compressed file, you also have to download two additional apps called ZArchiver and Bazar. ZArchiver apk will extract your file. And Bazar Apk will run your IGI Project Apk file.

There are a few simple steps that you can follow to play Project IGI Game on your android mobile.

Features of Project IGI Game Apk

  1. You can play high-end graphic games on your android phone.
  2. You’ll get a large option of Guns, Devices, bombs, Armors, and supplies.
  3. Sound And Graphics are realistic.
  4. Multiplayer mode allows you a large range of possibilities to invite your family and friends to play against you.
  5. Project IGI Game is one of the best game due to its high Graphics and High FPS that will give you a good and smooth gameplay.

How to Download and Install Project IGI Game on Android Mobile?

You can follow the given steps to install the game on your mobile phone without any trouble. Youll not face any problem like some people face Blackish Screen error on the game due to not a proper setup.

  1. Download Project IGI Zip file, ZArchiver and Bazar Apk by Click on Download.
  2. If you already have an extractor to extract a zip file then you haven’t to download ZArchiver otherwise you need to download and install it. Then you’ll able to run the game successfully.
  3. Now, Extract the file “Project IGI game” by entering the password “”. When you’ll enter the password click on Extract and extract it.
  4. Then you’ll get an IGI Project Apk file. You have to install it on your android mobile.
  5. When you’ll open this file after installation. Youll only see a black screen. because you haven’t set your IGI Game Data or OBB file.
  6. Now, You have to install Bazar apk which you had downloaded with ZArchiver. 
  7. Open again the Project IGI Game and enjoy the game.
  8. Now, your game has been installed on your android mobile.
  9. Please don’t forget to give ys your feedback in the comment section.