Soft Keys Home Back Button Apk Download V1.3 – Navigation Buttons

Soft Keys Home Back Button Apk Download V1.3 – Navigation Buttons

If your navigation buttons are not working and you are finding its solution. Here, you can download Soft Keys Home Back Button Apk for free.

I know you are facing trouble because your Home, Recent App and Back Navigation buttons are not working. Then, Don’t worry I have a solution for you to solve this problem. It is very disappointing for you. You can solve this solution by using this application.

This application size is too small but its work is very big. You’ll find too many extra features in this application. If you are really want to solve the back button are not working problems. Then, read this entire article. This application is lastly updated on Jun 30 2018.

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There are many applications which’s work is the same as this application. But, in this application, there are many additional options that are not available in other tools. Here, we upload the latest version of this application, We hope you’ll like this application and will share.

This application is available on all android mobiles. You can use this apk in any android app. Even, you can use this application on 4.1 android app. You can use this app on 4.1 android versions and up. This application is also available on Google Play Store. And Soft Keys Home Back Button for IOS is not available.

If your physical Back Buttons are not working. Then this application is the perfect app for you. Which will make Home, Recent Apps, and back navigation button for you at the bottom of your android mobile. And these virtual Back Buttons will help you to solve your problem.

From aside, You can say that, This application is the best alternatives to your physical back buttons. Or you can say replace a failed or your broken back buttons into brand new virtual navigation buttons.

And you can set navigation buttons according to your needs. If you need your buttons in horizontal design. Then you can easily apply this from this app setting. If you need your buttons vertically. Then also you can change easily. And You can apply to different them to make it more attractive.

The developers tried to build this app as simple as possible. And these buttons can be moved in any position at the top, left, right, and bottom. Anywhere you want to set. you can transparent navigation buttons or you can use colored it depends on your choice.

Usage of Soft Keys Home Back Button Apk

This app is specially designed for those people whose navigation buttons are not working. let’s explain it in numbers.

  1. People can use those navigation buttons are not working
  2. Ir can be used by people whose buttons are Unreplacable button or failed to use.
  3. This app uses traceability service in your android mobile.

Which buttons Soft Keys Apk provide us?

Mainly, this app provide us three main buttons.

  • Back
  • Home
  • Recent Apps

Soft Keys App main features

  1. Simple app which allows you to fix your navigation buttons.
  2. Home button
  3. Recent apps button
  4. Back button
  5. Navigation buttons always run on the top of other applications.
  6. You can move the buttons anywhere on your mobile screen.
  7. You can easily change your buttons theme and Icons.
  8. Easy to use and customizable.
  9. Instant Turn On/Off functionality.
  10. Autohide navigation buttons feature.
  11. Button Looks like mobile real buttons.

How to use Soft Keys App?

Here are only a few simple steps. You can follow them and can easily use this app ion your smartphone.

  1. Download the application form here.
  2. Then Turn on Unknow Source from your setting.
  3. Go to Settings>Security>Unknow Source Turn it on.
  4. Now, Locate the downloaded apk and open it for installation.
  5. Now, Install it as you install other apps.
  6. Now, When you’ll open this app. You have to turn on Accebilty for this application.
  7. Simply click on Go to Accbility in-app and turn Soft Key Apk Accessibility.
  8. You can also manually turn on its accessibility Go to Settins>Accebility>Soft keys turn it on.
  9. Now, Enjoy your brand new navigation buttons.


That was “Soft Keys Home Back Button Apk Download V1.3″ for today guys. I hope you’ll like this content. In my every article I tried to explain, You each and everything. And now, please don’t forget to share this article with your friends. It give me a boost to write more articles for you. Good-by Take care.